I’ve started…

I started then quickly realised that the cardi would be miles too small and I’d made a major miscalculation (never was good at sums).  FROG!  Good start 😦  Recalculate – add 20 stitches.  And I’m sure I won’t have enough yarn (I’ve got a kilo of Colinette Prism).  moan moan. (Now, Yarn Harlot say I’m not allowed to have a tantrum).  How’s everyone else doing this fine morning?


2 Responses to “I’ve started…”

  1. chantelclemons3671 Says:

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  2. Ruby Says:

    HI, I am no longer on facebook so this was my best shot at contacting you. I have been a real recluse since getting back, for going out and onto the internet. I hooked up with Ananda, the guy who came to visit a few times. We are spending so much time doing the house up. However it gives one time to dream. Next visit is cyclign around PAkistan hopefully in MArch. It is amazing you are all the way to South East Asia. I check my email the most, rubinasoorty@hotmail.com. Although you must be really busy cycling, knitting, painting and blogging!!


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